DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer /اسپکتروفتومتر-نانودراپ-کمپانی-denovix

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کمپانی Denovix یکی از کمپانی های بنیانگذار نانودراپ در جهان میباشد در سال 2013 این کمپانی مدل Denovix Ds-11 را به بازار معرفی نمود و در سال 2015 یک مدلی با حساسیت و دقت بالاتری با سری Ds-11-Fx به بازار معرفی شد. نانودراپ سری FX یکی از حساسیت ترین و با دقت ترین نانودراپ ها نسبت به سایر نانودراپ ها از جمله ترمو میباشد .این مدل از نانودراپ با دارا بودن وسیعترین محدوده دینامیکی و بالاترین محدوده تشخیصی با انعطاف پذیری و قابلیتی برتر برای اندازه گیری جذب و فلورسانس برای کمیت سریع اسیدهای نوکلئیک و پروتئین استفاده می شود. انالیزر نمونه ها در کمتر از 4 ثانیه انجام می گیرد. این مدل از نانودراپ بدون اتصال به PC بوده و قابلیت اتصال از طریق wi-fi انجام می پذیرد.
در یک مقایسه اجمالی این مدل از نانودراپ با نانودراپ ONEc به شرح ذیل میباشد:
DS-11 ONEc
رنج طول موج 190-840nm 190-850nm
رنج جذب 0.015-750A 0.04-550A
دقت طول موج 0.5nm 1nm
دقت جذب 260- 1.5 320-0.3%
عملکرد Pathlength Smart path Auto adjusting
نرم افزار Smart Qc yes
محدوده دینامیکی 0.5pg/ml-37500ng/ml 0.2ng/ml-27500


Intuitive, Affordable and Broadest Dynamic Range

The DS-11 Series of Spectrophotometer/Fluorometers from

DeNovix and the NanoDrop One Spectrophotometer are both

used to perform fast quantification of nucleic acids and

proteins. The spectrophotometer/fluorometer range from

DeNovix provides superior limits of detection, the widest

dynamic range, an easy-to-use interface and powerful

networking features, which surpass the capabilities of the

NanoDrop Spectrophotometer. Here we will here we will

outline the difference between the DeNovix DS-11 FX

Spectrophotometer/Fluorometers and the NanoDrop One


The DeNovix QFX Fluorometer offers the widest dynamic

range, greatest sensitivity and ground-breaking ease-of-

use. Systems feature a 7” HD touchscreen, Android

operating system and intuitive, pre-installed EasyApps.

Use as little as 1 μL of sample and choose

from pre-installed DeNovix dsDNA Fluorescence

Quantification assays, commonly used Qubit and Promega

assays, or easily savecustom assays. Systems are

maintenance free and include a two year factory warranty

Connect to Your Results

The QFX includes built-in Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet

connectivity, providing researchers with theability to

share, save and review data in the manner that best suits

them. Easily export results to e-mail, network drives and

printers, USB drives, LIMS systems and label printers.

Users and administrators may set up password protected

accounts and save custom configurations and assays.

Developed by the Creators of Microvolume UV-Vis:

One of the founders, and core team members involved

with NanoDrop Technologies Inc. is also a founding

member of DeNovix. The DS-11 was first introduced to the

market in 2013, and it was the first UV-Vis

spectrophotometer in the world with a customized

operating system, touchscreen control and be network-


Over the years, DeNovix has expanded the instrument’s

features and functionality by collaborating with the Life

Science community. The DS-11 Series was created in 2015,

when a fluorometer with high sensitivity was integrated

into the system. The DS-11 FX+ is patented (US9442009)

and offers outstanding limits of detection for fluorescence

quantification (0.5 pg/μL dsDNA) and microvolume

absorbance (0.75 – 37,500 ng/μL dsDNA).

In just one unit, labs can choose the integrated model that

fits both current and future research needs with the

combination of fluorescence detection, microvolume UV-

Vis and cuvette UV-Vis. All DS-11 Series instruments come

with a two-year factory warranty from DeNovix.

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